Our Destinations

Albanian Riviera tour

On this tour, we will visit Himare and the village of Qeparo, which is a village which has attracted an immense number of tourists and has a breathtaking location. And then we will stop at the Palermo Bay to se the glass like water.

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Gjirokaster City Tour

The fascinating old centre of Gjirokaster is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Largely medieval, with some lovely architecture to admire, reflecting the town’s wealthy past, it is built on a hill overlooking a valley and mountains.

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Blue Eye & Lekursi Fortress tour

On this tour we will explore The National Park of “Blue Eye,” and The Fortress Lekuresi. Both sites are rich in history and beauty. It’s a very picturesque area, where crystal clear water gushes out from within the mountain Mali i Gjërë.

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Thermal Baths of Benja

Located 120 away from the Ionian coast and Saranda, swimming in the natural thermal springs of Benja in southeastern Albania, feels better during the cold months of the year. You can enjoy the hot natural baths.

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Berat City Tour

On this tour we will explore Berat, one of Albania’s most special cities! Known as “The city of windows set one above others”, it has beautiful landscapes, and each road takes you back in time.

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Ksamil & Butrint tour

One of the prettiest beach in Albania is Ksamil which we will visit in this tour along with Butrint. Discover the legacy of the ancient Greeks and Romans exploring the fascinating archaeological ruins of Albania.

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